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4 down, 2 to go.

Had round 4 of chemo yesterday.. 4 down, just 2 more to go! 6 short weeks and I’ll be done with this portion of my journey.

Mike had that SharePoint 2013 Upgrade over the weekend at work, and a health assessment as well as his flu shot appointment at work yesterday morning, so he biked in to work as usual, but then biked over to 100 Oaks in time for my oncologist appointment and then for my infusion. It worked out perfectly, because I had to wait (as is expected by now) to see Dr. Mayer, so he wasn’t late for anything and got to miss out on all the waiting.

The visit with Dr. Mayer went well, she was happy to see my blood results looking good. My white blood count wasn’t even below normal range, which was nice. I know I felt better this round than I had the last 2 rounds. My taste buds weren’t even doing the funky thing they normally do. I considered that a gift!

I finally got into infusion at about 1:00 (only 2 hours later than the time I was supposed to but only waited at infusion to be called back for 20-30 minutes as opposed to 2 1/2 hours last time.) Anyway, once I got back and got my pre-meds going, chemo finally started around 1:30. We were done with my chemo in 2 hours, then another 30 minutes for the Herceptin. We were both so sleepy that we fell asleep during my last infusion. I only woke up because I had to use the bathroom, and woke Mike up in the process because we had fallen asleep holding hands (awww) I am so very thankful for this man I married. I see women coming in for treatment alone and it makes me sad. He always wants to be there with me for treatment especially, and I tell him “thank you for being here with me” every time we go. His response is always, “Of course, baby!” Words just can’t express my gratitude for him. Although I do try daily to show it to him 🙂

We finally got home a bit after 5pm and had dinner. Mike and I were both so tired that after dinner we just zoned out with TV and kindle.

I started reading a book the night before last. It’s called “Breast Left Unsaid” and written by Jude Callirgos (@judecallirgos on Twitter) We met on Twitter after I did a search for “Breast Cancer” which I do now and then, and followed. She followed back and we have chatted a few times on there. Her book is only 2.99 for Kindle edition so I quickly grabbed it. She was first diagnosed 6 years ago with stage 2B DCIS but it had also started to invade her breast a tiny bit and also her lymph nodes. I’m not yet done with the book, so I don’t know how she is now stage 4 but she is. Reading her book and all the pain she’s been through, the multitude of tests and painful procedures, the emotions (which I can so strongly relate to) has brought tears to my eyes many times, but it also has validated me so much in my decision to just be rid of my natural born breasts from the onset. The what ifs of doing a lumpectomy (especially with my family history) scared me. There is still no guarantee regarding recurrence chances, but I believe my docs and I have the best plan in place for heading this nasty disease off at the pass.

Anyhoo.. day 1 of Round 4 has been tiresome thus far. I woke up feeling DRAINED. Like total crap. Mike got me some more water, I took my meds and went back to sleep. The boys got off to school just fine without me having to leave the bed, which was a bonus. I got up around 10:45 and had some toast, but it’s not sustaining me.  I’m going to scrounge for some lunch now.