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Cabin fun

The weekend getaway to Lake Cumberland with our friends was a great time. I drank a little too much the first night (hello, lightweight!) and passed out by 9:30pm but the next evening took it much slower and was able to partake in all the game playing. No hot tubbing for me this year (damn wound is still open). We were introduced to a new game (to us) called Werewolf. We had such fun with it that we’re now talking about getting together once a month to play it and other games. There was also Cards Against Humanity & Twister played. Also a drinking game called “Never Have I Ever” in which I had to drink on almost every question, and our good friend Jenn kept holding her phone up with the word “Prude” on it because she was staying quite sober through the game. There was yoga lessons happening in the basement and other crafty things happening. No mani/pedis this time since we were at a coed event. Although I think some of the guys would love to have pedis done on them! 🙂 Sam Bradley made one of these and it’s awesome! I want me, my sisters and my mom to make them when I go up to MN for my brother’s wedding at the end of this month.

All in all, it was a great time away with our crew. I love all of these people and am so happy they’re in our lives. Good friends are priceless, especially when family is so far away.