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Cabin fun

The weekend getaway to Lake Cumberland with our friends was a great time. I drank a little too much the first night (hello, lightweight!) and passed out by 9:30pm but the next evening took it much slower and was able to partake in all the game playing. No hot tubbing for me this year (damn wound is still open). We were introduced to a new game (to us) called Werewolf. We had such fun with it that we’re now talking about getting together once a month to play it and other games. There was also Cards Against Humanity & Twister played. Also a drinking game called “Never Have I Ever” in which I had to drink on almost every question, and our good friend Jenn kept holding her phone up with the word “Prude” on it because she was staying quite sober through the game. There was yoga lessons happening in the basement and other crafty things happening. No mani/pedis this time since we were at a coed event. Although I think some of the guys would love to have pedis done on them! 🙂 Sam Bradley made one of these and it’s awesome! I want me, my sisters and my mom to make them when I go up to MN for my brother’s wedding at the end of this month.

All in all, it was a great time away with our crew. I love all of these people and am so happy they’re in our lives. Good friends are priceless, especially when family is so far away.



Fun weekend & round 5 happened

I had an excellent weekend with friends. Got to go to a couple concerts & hang out with my Train buddies. Moose who is the bassist for FDJ & works for Train turned us onto his band. They’re great! All very nice guys too. We hung out & chatted after both shows with the band & their wives & gfs. Very good times! I also got to see the last 2 gigs for The Hollywood Kills before the lead singer Jonathon moves off to L.A. (Bummer!) the guitar player and backup vocalist, Brent is taking over though and he did a couple songs singing lead. I was impressed. I was able to talk to Brent after the show & tell him how awesome I think they are. I’ll definitely still be supporting them in the future.

So even though I couldn’t have chemo last week, it worked out that I didn’t have to miss seeing my peeps and doing one of my favorite things: hearing live music.

One more round to go. Just one more! I went yesterday at 8am for my labs, and since I saw my doc last week to report how round 4 went, I didn’t need to see her again this week. Around 9:30 I looked on my personal health account online & could see the labs were back… And my platelets were up to 78,000! That’s not a normally good number, but it meant I could receive chemo. *Happy dance*

It took awhile to get called back, I think another hour. Even after that there was a lot of waiting, due to being short staffed & having to manually push chemo for a patient ahead of me. The nurse kept apologizing but Mike & I just said we were happy I was getting chemo today & didn’t have to go home. She wanted to cry she was so thankful for our patience & our good attitudes. She kissed my cheek & hugged Mike.

We finally got to go home around 3:30 (after more hugs from the nurse) although I wanted to check out the Ulta store first. I actually still have a good bit of eyelashes & was overdue for new mascara. Spent a little more for a tube by Benefit called “They’re real!” I love it so far. Got a couple individual eyeshadows that I’ve been running out of in my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette & a face primer. It was a nice pick me up, shopping for makeup. Especially didn’t feel guilty about it because all was replenishing things I use daily.

Today I’ve only been out of bed to use the bathroom. Mike wanted to stay home with me to be sure I took my meds, drank water & ate good food. Breakfast in bed was a mushroom, cheese & spinach omelet with a side of strawberries. Delicious.

I’m feeling zapped physically but my mood is good. While everyone is talking of prepping for the holiday feasts, I’m focusing on relaxing & healing. We were so kindly invited to share Thanksgiving with a friend’s family tomorrow. It’s really nice to have friends here that will think of us in times like these & say hey… don’t worry about cooking, just come share our food & company. (Thank you, Jenn!)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday tomorrow with family & friends. Missing my family that are scattered all over the country. Love you all.