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The hunt for a wig

I went to the wig shop the other day and tried some on. The person helping me wasn’t the normal wig expert.. it was the hairstylist that worked there. I loved her and appreciated her helping me as much as she could, and fell in love with one of the wigs, but haven’t heard from the person that runs the shop yet. I left my name and # with them too. I’m impatient and now that I have the funds to buy one, I’m frustrated. They’re closed today. So I’m researching another store. It’s frustrating that my insurance won’t pay anything toward a wig. The first place I went to was one of those hair restoration places and everything there is human hair and very expensive. Of course I won’t pay full price for one of those. Even with the cancer patient discount it was going to be $900. No way. I called another place and they actually answered the phone, are closer, and have a discount. So, off to another wig shop for me today.

I went to visit Mike again for lunch today, and was telling him how I thought obtaining a wig would be a quicker/easier process. Here I am about to have my third treatment and I don’t have a wig. I should have shopped a lot sooner, and wish I had known about my insurance not paying anything. I wouldn’t have bothered with the first place and maybe would have gone straight to the local wig shop that I’m going to visit this afternoon. More lessons learned.

I’m also cruising for a new dentist for us. We’re getting due for our cleanings. Mike & the boys already have appointments with new primary care physicians, so I’m glad we have those things established. I still need to find us a new eye doctor too. Moving and getting new healthcare providers as well as going through this cancer stuff is a lot.

I go in the morning for my labs, then see my oncologist, then get chemo, THEN see Dr. Braun again. Full day for sure, but at least the process isn’t starting at 1pm. Tomorrow I’ll be able to say I’m halfway done with chemo. w00t!