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I love my surgeon

I went to see Dr. Braun today, and I thought I was getting my last fill up. After discussing it with him and having another 100ccs added to my expanders (now up to 670cc) his advice is to err on the side of bigger if I’m on the fence about when to stop.

Also because of how I’m shaped and how I was before surgery (which I was happy with by the way), he says I can still go bigger and it wouldn’t be too big, would be aesthetically pleasing/shaped and all that.

The tissue expanders are hard, and the implants are not. So it’s really tough to know what it’ll look like after all is said and done, but I trust his professional judgment. He said rarely has he had anyone say, “I wish I would have gone smaller.” It’s usually the opposite.

I figure with what I’ve been & still have to go through, this is one of the few perks (haha) and I get to have a say in this. I also asked about surgery, and he said surgery during Herceptin shouldn’t be an issue. I will ask my oncologist about this next week also. Since Herceptin is bio therapy, my immune system should be in good shape and not put me at the same risk for infection as when I’m on chemo.

Wow! Two updates in one day. I’m on a roll!

PS one of these days I am going to put a slide show together of my appearance evolution. Should be interesting 🙂