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Farewell to 2013

2013 was a horribly stressful year. Most of you know the basics and a few of you know all the ins and outs of just how stressful it was. Totaling the Jeep in late 2012 & the consequences from that…being without a vehicle of my own & all the court stuff. I’ll be done with that soon though. Having a full house of people, kids & pets for a good portion of 2012-2013. Cancer, moving, surgery, “what about the house”, relationship stresses. Etc.

The main great thing is we made it to Nashville. I’m done with chemo and am moving on with treatment that’s a lot easier to handle. The next surgery won’t be as rough recovery wise. The boys are doing well in school & have adjusted to the move pretty well. We don’t have the dogs & cats anymore. We miss them sometimes, but we are not stressed with the responsibility of them that we really couldn’t handle before. Even through cancer treatment and all that comes with it, we have been able to explore our new town some. It makes me want to do even more. Gives me a lot to look forward to. Mike & I are enjoying the present, closing the door on past junk and looking forward to 2014. I’m not too crazy about new year’s resolutions because a person can make a resolution for change at any time of the year. It’s a great time for a brain reset though and that’s what I’m doing. All I can say about 2014 and my intentions for the year are that I strive to be a better me than I was in previous years. Healthy, happy & whole.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year. However you celebrate, be safe.