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Cabin fun

The weekend getaway to Lake Cumberland with our friends was a great time. I drank a little too much the first night (hello, lightweight!) and passed out by 9:30pm but the next evening took it much slower and was able to partake in all the game playing. No hot tubbing for me this year (damn wound is still open). We were introduced to a new game (to us) called Werewolf. We had such fun with it that we’re now talking about getting together once a month to play it and other games. There was also Cards Against Humanity & Twister played. Also a drinking game called “Never Have I Ever” in which I had to drink on almost every question, and our good friend Jenn kept holding her phone up with the word “Prude” on it because she was staying quite sober through the game. There was yoga lessons happening in the basement and other crafty things happening. No mani/pedis this time since we were at a coed event. Although I think some of the guys would love to have pedis done on them! 🙂 Sam Bradley made one of these and it’s awesome! I want me, my sisters and my mom to make them when I go up to MN for my brother’s wedding at the end of this month.

All in all, it was a great time away with our crew. I love all of these people and am so happy they’re in our lives. Good friends are priceless, especially when family is so far away.



Update on all the thangs

I’ve been back at work now for 2 weeks. I started a job working at Great Clips (love the company, have worked for them before) in Green Hills here in Nashville. It’s been quite the adjustment going from being at home all the time during the day to working 35 hours a week, but I have been feeling like myself again after finishing chemo, and since we aren’t sure when the next surgery will be, I felt it was time to get back in the game. The guy called me an hour after I applied, and I interviewed and accepted the job the very next day. My first day was January 25th. It was perfect timing for a lot of reasons.

My schedule is not set but I do know in advance when I’ll work. Sometimes I open and work 9-3/4 (or like yesterday until 5) and sometimes I work a mid or closing shift. I’ve been working the last 2 weekends, both Saturday and Sunday. It’s a given that when working in a salon like this that Saturdays are a norm. However, since we are open Sunday too, I think I prefer working those days. Most don’t want to work on Sunday whereas I’d love to have Saturday off to go do fun things with my husband & boys. Sundays are good days to work because I can make $1 more an hour. So I told my manager that I don’t mind working weekends and I can do both days but I don’t want to do that every weekend. If you need me to work a weekend day I prefer Sunday vs. Saturday. Hopefully the schedule will ease up a bit. My manager and the staff there are all pretty cool, so I’m sure it will work out great. Like I said, it’s just an adjustment for me. The salon is trying to rebuild after a “meh” year in 2013, so I am committed to helping them do that however I can. I do believe I work for the best Great Clips in Nashville as far as clientele and staff.. the numbers just need to reflect that! And they will.

Yesterday was probably my best shift that I’ve worked as far as feeling in the groove with the salon operations and my work *at the same.damn.time!* (running joke Mike & I have) I felt like I made great connections with the customers, my haircut times didn’t stink & I even sold some product. It was an 8 hour shift so when I felt like I needed a break, I clocked out for one. Usually on a 6 hour shift I don’t and it doesn’t even faze me. I can eat or drink during slow times usually but yesterday I really needed to take a load off for 30 minutes off the clock, eat my lunch, and just chill. It helped.

I’m continuing with my infusions every 3 weeks. The last one will be August 5th. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep my port in after that, but it doesn’t really bother me, so if they recommend keeping it longer, that’s OK by me. I love having that available for them to access for blood draws and thangs. I have good veins, but if I had them stuck every 3 weeks like I do now, they would probably not stay in great condition.

The boys have been great.. Tyler is taking part in a research study through Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital on sleep patterns, cortisol and melatonin levels in autistic kids. (Obviously he’s part of the study where they get data from non-autistic kids) He signed up to do it himself and we met with one of the women leading the study last week. This week he’s been wearing the watch they gave him that monitors activity and sleep (like my fitbit!), keeping a diary of when he’s sleeping and when he showers or swims because that’s when the watch has to come off. He also has been taking spit samples every morning and evening just when he wakes, and before he brushes his teeth. I have to deliver those to the Children’s Hospital on Monday along with the first watch from this week. The second watch he put on this morning and will wear through the remainder of the month. He’s doing so well keeping up with it himself! Of course the initial reason he signed up to do this was for the cash, but he told the lady last week that once he read about the study, it all sounded very interesting to him. He makes me proud! He’s still interested in becoming an Anesthesiologist and we’ve been talking a good bit about college prep. It’s so crazy to think that I have a kid starting his Senior year THIS fall. Just wow.

Hunter is in the stage of freshman year where he’s deciding which Academy he will go into. Nashville Metro Schools offers this program and I think it’s really cool because It gets kids thinking about career paths. Every student studies the same core subjects, but the Academies are for their elective courses, and those are categorized by what will serve their career path best. Hunter chose to go into the Art, Design & Communication Academy, and I think that is a perfect fit for him. He’s also joining the Debate club at school. Kid LOVES to argue, and loves to be right. A lot of times he is right, and it’s kind of annoying (I too, love to be right so we butt heads sometimes) I love this kid. He’s probably the most challenging of my three personality wise, but his strong will & determination will definitely take him far in life. He’s so creative too.. he could go into Law, acting, web & logo design, or whatever the heck he wants! I know every parent says this about their kid, but because of his determination, I know that he can (and will) do whatever he sets his mind to. Steering him in the right direction to where he can flourish is the trick. He seems to be going in a good direction, so this momma is happy.

And then there’s Austin. My schedule and craziness has not allowed me time to FaceTime or text with him lately and I hate it. I miss him so much, I just want him HERE. He’s doing well in school and still playing the tuba there, so I think he’s happy. I know he wants to move back to TN though. We are wanting to move closer to Mike’s work (closer to everything in town too) so are on the hunt for a 4 bedroom apartment or house if we can find one in our range. It can even be 3 bedrooms, if the one bedroom is large enough for Hunter & Austin to share.

This weekend should be fun. We are heading to our annual adult cabin getaway with friends. This time closer than Gatlinburg. I can’t wait! Then Monday, Leah (one of my Traniac friends from Australia!) will be here & we are having breakfast with Karen & Abbe. I’m glad I finally get to meet her. There’s a Train cruise next weekend that I can’t go on, and she’s touring Nash & Memphis before heading to FL to get on the boat with a bunch more of our friends. I’m jealous, but know the opportunity will most likely happen again next year. This year just isn’t good timing for me for that.

That’s enough of an update this time around. TTFN!

Fun weekend & round 5 happened

I had an excellent weekend with friends. Got to go to a couple concerts & hang out with my Train buddies. Moose who is the bassist for FDJ & works for Train turned us onto his band. They’re great! All very nice guys too. We hung out & chatted after both shows with the band & their wives & gfs. Very good times! I also got to see the last 2 gigs for The Hollywood Kills before the lead singer Jonathon moves off to L.A. (Bummer!) the guitar player and backup vocalist, Brent is taking over though and he did a couple songs singing lead. I was impressed. I was able to talk to Brent after the show & tell him how awesome I think they are. I’ll definitely still be supporting them in the future.

So even though I couldn’t have chemo last week, it worked out that I didn’t have to miss seeing my peeps and doing one of my favorite things: hearing live music.

One more round to go. Just one more! I went yesterday at 8am for my labs, and since I saw my doc last week to report how round 4 went, I didn’t need to see her again this week. Around 9:30 I looked on my personal health account online & could see the labs were back… And my platelets were up to 78,000! That’s not a normally good number, but it meant I could receive chemo. *Happy dance*

It took awhile to get called back, I think another hour. Even after that there was a lot of waiting, due to being short staffed & having to manually push chemo for a patient ahead of me. The nurse kept apologizing but Mike & I just said we were happy I was getting chemo today & didn’t have to go home. She wanted to cry she was so thankful for our patience & our good attitudes. She kissed my cheek & hugged Mike.

We finally got to go home around 3:30 (after more hugs from the nurse) although I wanted to check out the Ulta store first. I actually still have a good bit of eyelashes & was overdue for new mascara. Spent a little more for a tube by Benefit called “They’re real!” I love it so far. Got a couple individual eyeshadows that I’ve been running out of in my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette & a face primer. It was a nice pick me up, shopping for makeup. Especially didn’t feel guilty about it because all was replenishing things I use daily.

Today I’ve only been out of bed to use the bathroom. Mike wanted to stay home with me to be sure I took my meds, drank water & ate good food. Breakfast in bed was a mushroom, cheese & spinach omelet with a side of strawberries. Delicious.

I’m feeling zapped physically but my mood is good. While everyone is talking of prepping for the holiday feasts, I’m focusing on relaxing & healing. We were so kindly invited to share Thanksgiving with a friend’s family tomorrow. It’s really nice to have friends here that will think of us in times like these & say hey… don’t worry about cooking, just come share our food & company. (Thank you, Jenn!)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday tomorrow with family & friends. Missing my family that are scattered all over the country. Love you all.