Life in Music City

I love living in Music City, USA. There are a lot of live music shows that I’ve attended, and many more coming in the future. I have a new love for vinyl records now. Mike got me a professional turntable for Christmas, and we’ve almost completed our surround sound system. I love going to record stores and finding my favorites (or artists I’ve heard about but not experienced yet) on vinyl. There’s something about sitting on the couch with a favorite beverage, closing my eyes and just LISTENING to the music the way the artist intended it to be heard. It’s a different experience than playing a digital album and skipping the ones you aren’t feeling at the moment.

Music is one of my favorite things about living in Nashville. I’m not out every night of the week, although if I wanted to I *could* be. This town has such a great VIBE and I love being a part of that! I also enjoy meeting the artists and telling them to their face how I liked their performance. They really seem to enjoy that personal feedback. I know I would if I was a musician. I love talking music with my clients that come in to the shop too. Getting out and supporting the local (and not so local) up and coming artists is so important to me, so if I dig their sound I usually buy something off their table whether it’s a shirt, CD, vinyl (if they have it!) and then I promote them on my social media. It may not be much, but it’s what I can do.

I just had a good idea. More blog posts about music coming soon…



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