Happy Birthday, Michael Harley! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you: my #1 favorite person in the Universe! I love you more each day that passes! You love me as unconditionally as is humanly possible, and that’s no small thing because I’m annoying AF sometimes. I don’t deserve your love yet here we are. I admire you so much because of your view of the world, your treatment of people, your love for humanity and animals, your passion for alternate transportation & cycle adventures, your beat boxing skillz, etc. 😎
I think you are incredibly handsome and love that you always make me laugh! I am so proud to be & there’s never a moment that I don’t want to be your wife. We are a perfect match for each other in so many ways and I love that you’re the yin to my yang! I don’t want to imagine what life would be like without you by my side. I’m glad we were able to celebrate your birth with our friends last weekend, and I look forward to another Labor Day weekend trip with you and our kids & extended family. 💗 I hope that today is the perfect day for you- everything you hope for in birthdays. No one deserves that more than YOU. I love you babe- forever & ever.
Always yours,