Revision surgery 1/29/2015

jenMy check in time was 11:30 and surgery not until 1:30, so I stayed up til around 1am the day of surgery. I ate dinner around 10:30 and took my last drink just before midnight. Then I passed out. I slept so hard that I didn’t get up for the normal 6am alarm. I woke at 8 in somewhat of a panic because my middle son sometimes needs to be woken up, mostly this year he doesn’t, but I always check. I looked to see where he was (Love Find My Friends app for my kids!) and saw that he had made it to school. Whew! I went back to sleep…this time Mike had to wake me, because it was 10:30 and we needed to leave at 11. He said I had been snoring…a sign of how deeply I was sleeping!

We got to the surgery center at Vanderbilt to check in, then sat and waited. It wasn’t too terribly long, maybe 30 minutes or so until they called my name & took me back to get my vitals, ask all the important questions and get my IV started. One of my favorite parts of the pre-op stuff is putting on this purple paper people cover up (OK, OK, a gown) that hooks up to the most glorious air warming device on the wall. I could sleep at this point because I’m so cozy. Also got a swanky head covering and blue hospital grippy socks. Man, is that attractive or what? 😛

I met with everyone from the surgery team and Dr. Braun came in last.. when he came in it was around 2:30. We discussed all that he was going to do, and he marked all over me with sharpie. Then the nurse that had taken care of me was curious and had all kinds of questions 🙂 I feel good knowing I educated her on the process.

3pm they came in and got my sedation meds going, then wheeled me into the OR. I moved myself onto the table and then they started the process of putting me under. I remember everything (I usually don’t) up until they put the anesthesia into my IV. It was kind of neat… the OR is smaller than I’d imagined. When I woke up, I was very groggy & in pain, but no nausea. I’ve not been sick one time!! They gave me a patch behind my ear, and not having an excess of pain meds has done the trick. My pain level was about a 5-6 when I woke up but once they gave me some more meds, I was down to a 3, and since my vitals were good, they let me go home.

I feel after being through breast surgery 3x now that I’m getting pretty good with making sure I have all the pillows I need either on the couch or in bed. I slept fairly well last night, propped up etc. I usually sleep on my stomach or side, and even though I wasn’t able to last night, I was still comfortable.

I did have to have a drain placed on the left side where he did most of the work…they’re THE WORST, but much-needed. I can deal with a drain if I don’t develop a Seroma.

I see Dr. Braun a week from Tuesday and can hopefully get the drain out, and stitches. Oh right, I forgot to tell y’all that I have external stitches this time, to help suspend the work he did. I feel like he really knocked it out of the park this time. It’s so hard to get everything right in the first or second surgery. We got the big stuff out-of-the-way, and this is just fine tuning. He gave a great report post-op to Mike which he recorded so I could hear it later. I’m so thankful he did that! He also said that the scarring on my right side would be fixed pretty well if I opted to have nipple reconstruction. Depending on how this revision heals, I may change my mind on not doing nipples. The last 2 times I had surgery, I had wounds for months…so if nothing goes wrong this time then I’ll consider it. You never know how much you’ll miss seeing something as simple as nipples in the mirror until you don’t. I still plan on doing a chest tattoo piece in the future too
I feel like I’m rambling so if you’ve made it this far and my run-on sentences aren’t annoying to you, THANK YOU 🙂 Going to eat my delicious breakfast that Mike made for me. He’s such a good caregiver & husband to me. He makes sure I get my meds on time & writes everything down. He’s keeping the drain log for me as well. I am a lucky woman to have him as my partner in life. I know not everyone has that, so I’m forever grateful!!!

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