Last infusion 8/5/2104

Today was my last “chemo” (not the bad chemo that makes you sick, but a biotherapy targeted medicine that’s administered like chemo.) I’m all done! No more! We scheduled my port removal surgery for September 8th, which will be the easiest surgery to date. I’ll only be out of work for 2 days for that one. 

I expected today to be a long one at 100 Oaks because I had four appointments scheduled, and there’s usually a long wait especially when I’m to see doctors. First was labs at 8:30, then my medical oncologist at 9am, surgical oncologist at 11, then 11:30 infusion. I was prepared to wait wait wait for everything. Labs were done in a timely fashion (they usually are) but then I got called back within minutes to see my first doctor. It wasn’t even 10am when I was done with her, then they put me in another room (thanks Amanda!) and I got to see Dr. Hooks & was done with her before 10:30. Went back to infusion and got called back, hooked up to my IV & Herceptin started right around 11:10. Amazing. After an hour infusion, I was done. It was a little anticlimactic. We were talking about doing a happy dance because it was my last treatment, but all I wanted to do was hug all of the nurses and tell them goodbye. I hugged my favorite.. Linda. She always sent me cards after she would be in charge of my treatment. She was telling me how this is the beginning of the rest of my life. That because I’ve been through this, I can go through anything.. tears started streaming down my face.. I just couldn’t believe that the day had finally come to be done with every 3 week visits. I’ve “graduated” as they said. I didn’t see Jenny today, she’s the first chemo nurse I had, but it’s ok. I plan to go back and visit now and then. 

After we left infusion, I had to make one more trek down to the Breast Center and get a hug from Cheryl, the receptionist there. When we were going back to the Infusion center, she was busy.. But I couldn’t just leave without a hug. She’s been there the entire time that I have been a patient, and she always remembers my info so I never have to say my name or birthdate or anything. I thanked her for being wonderful and again, the tears started flowing. 

The tears are again flowing as I type this. I just don’t know how to express the feelings I have about this whole process. I know the ones who have been through it get it. I don’t know how to explain to everyone else, but maybe that’s ok. I’m glad that I’ve reached this milestone in my treatment. I’m forever grateful for the care of my doctors, nurses, the friendships I’ve made and the support of you all, my family and friends.

And now.. it’s time to “Get busy living”