A New Normal

It’s been just under 2 months since I returned to work & life is beginning to feel like a new normal again. I go for my 3rd Herceptin only infusion & visit with my medical oncologist tomorrow. I was supposed to have the wound on my left side stitched up about 3 weeks ago, but it was healing on its own so we postponed that. Now it’s VERY VERY small & will be closed within a few days. I’m glad I opted against that procedure. I love seeing all that new pink skin that’s grown there! Hopefully tomorrow I can show Amanda & can schedule surgery for my implants…. FINALLY! This process has been a long one.

My hair is returning! I have been buzzing it to a 0 guard though because it is still thickening up. The thin spot at my crown isn’t noticeable now so hopefully I can just let it BE for awhile. Yesterday was the first day I worked with NO HAT! Everyone just thinks I have a buzz cut unless I tell them why. I know I’m one of the “lucky” ones in that regard, I can totally pull off the buzzed/bald look & it’s nice. I do miss doing funky things to my hair sometimes, but the no maintenance thing is awesome. My eyelashes are thickening up again and I’ll have to wax my eyebrows soon too. Now if the leg hair would just stay away.. hehe.

Last weekend (Feb 26-Mar 2) was the first weekend I traveled since my cancer journey started. I flew up to Minneapolis to be with my family for my brother’s wedding & then “girls weekend” with my mom, sister & stepsister for Mom’s birthday. It was TONS of fun & I really needed the family fix. Not everyone was able to make it, but I enjoyed the time spent with the ones that could. Mike stayed home & held the fort down. (I LOVE HIM.)

Before I left, I went by the Pretty In Pink boutique and purchased a compression sleeve for my arm on the side that I had lymph nodes removed. It’s to wear when I fly or exercise, as a prevention measure against lymphedema. I fell on my arm on Valentine’s Day and had a huge (though heart shaped!)  bruise on that side.. never had any lymphedema so I’m being really cautious now about that. Better safe than sorry. The compression sleeve is kind of a pain to put on/wear & it’s not the most attractive thing in the world but hey, neither is a big swollen arm. I’ll take precautions any day.

I have been working working working except when we have traveled to Crossville (Mike’s mom’s bday) and last weekend. This weekend coming up I’m finally getting a couple days off (without having to ask for them!) and Jess & Carter will be here to visit. I’m excited, and hope the weather is as gorgeous as it was this past weekend.

That’s all for now!