Fun weekend & round 5 happened

I had an excellent weekend with friends. Got to go to a couple concerts & hang out with my Train buddies. Moose who is the bassist for FDJ & works for Train turned us onto his band. They’re great! All very nice guys too. We hung out & chatted after both shows with the band & their wives & gfs. Very good times! I also got to see the last 2 gigs for The Hollywood Kills before the lead singer Jonathon moves off to L.A. (Bummer!) the guitar player and backup vocalist, Brent is taking over though and he did a couple songs singing lead. I was impressed. I was able to talk to Brent after the show & tell him how awesome I think they are. I’ll definitely still be supporting them in the future.

So even though I couldn’t have chemo last week, it worked out that I didn’t have to miss seeing my peeps and doing one of my favorite things: hearing live music.

One more round to go. Just one more! I went yesterday at 8am for my labs, and since I saw my doc last week to report how round 4 went, I didn’t need to see her again this week. Around 9:30 I looked on my personal health account online & could see the labs were back… And my platelets were up to 78,000! That’s not a normally good number, but it meant I could receive chemo. *Happy dance*

It took awhile to get called back, I think another hour. Even after that there was a lot of waiting, due to being short staffed & having to manually push chemo for a patient ahead of me. The nurse kept apologizing but Mike & I just said we were happy I was getting chemo today & didn’t have to go home. She wanted to cry she was so thankful for our patience & our good attitudes. She kissed my cheek & hugged Mike.

We finally got to go home around 3:30 (after more hugs from the nurse) although I wanted to check out the Ulta store first. I actually still have a good bit of eyelashes & was overdue for new mascara. Spent a little more for a tube by Benefit called “They’re real!” I love it so far. Got a couple individual eyeshadows that I’ve been running out of in my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette & a face primer. It was a nice pick me up, shopping for makeup. Especially didn’t feel guilty about it because all was replenishing things I use daily.

Today I’ve only been out of bed to use the bathroom. Mike wanted to stay home with me to be sure I took my meds, drank water & ate good food. Breakfast in bed was a mushroom, cheese & spinach omelet with a side of strawberries. Delicious.

I’m feeling zapped physically but my mood is good. While everyone is talking of prepping for the holiday feasts, I’m focusing on relaxing & healing. We were so kindly invited to share Thanksgiving with a friend’s family tomorrow. It’s really nice to have friends here that will think of us in times like these & say hey… don’t worry about cooking, just come share our food & company. (Thank you, Jenn!)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday tomorrow with family & friends. Missing my family that are scattered all over the country. Love you all.


An extrovert (me) living with an introvert (him)

I ran across this graphic on Facebook today. It was a complete “aha” moment for me. Yes I have always known my husband was introverted. But as an extrovert… it’s not easy to truly “get” it. This graphic is perfect though and gave me a lot of clarity! If you haven’t seen it, and especially if you are an extrovert that lives with an introvert, check it out!

And to my husband: I’m sorry I have this ability to wear you out and “steal” your energy! I will be way more mindful of this in the future. Love you so much! 😀

Random brain thingies.

We had a really good weekend here at the Harley household. Mike worked off and on, since the SharePoint upgrade is just a week old, there are still lots of things to clean up. We took a little trip to REI so he could get some much needed cooler/cold-weather gear for his bike rides/commute. Then we stopped at Sweet CeCe’s for a treat before heading home. Tyler also had to work his new job at the mall (Old Navy) which he is enjoying a lot. That job practically landed in his lap. The boy is so lucky when it comes to jobs! Mike wanted to go for a bike ride around town, so he did. 24 miles round trip. It’ll be nice when we move closer to the parts we like to hang around in town so that trip isn’t so daunting. I’d go with him, but just from here to Percy Warner Park wears me out, let alone going down to 12 South, etc. Since I’m on chemo, my energy level is super low… even when I do feel up to a bike ride, I run out of gas quickly. Mike is so patient to let me rest whenever I need to. It’s super encouraging.  I’m really looking forward to biking with him more when I’m done with chemo & get my energy back. The bike rides we took before were really fun, even when we were just doing the B-Cycle rentals.

Saturday evening, we took the boys with us to see a movie. Damn. That won’t be happening a lot.. after tickets and snacks, we spent close to $80. But it was nice to get out of the house. We saw Ender’s Game. Mike owns the book & read it awhile back. Tyler started to read it but didn’t get far, but he was wanting to see the movie regardless. Hunter had to read it as part of his freshman seminar class, and I’d seen the previews so we were all looking forward to watching it. I figured with Hunter having just finished the book that day, he’d have high expectations of the movie, which he did. I sat next to him and the ENTIRE time he was critiquing it. Poor kid.. ha! Not that it wasn’t a good sci-fi flick. It was. Lesson learned about the differences in movies vs. books

I’ve been struggling in my brain lately with the fact that I can’t do what I want right now. Here we are, Living in a new town and I want to jump in, explore & become part of the community, but I’m supposed to rest, heal, taking care of myself, and on top of all that, not work. I know it’s only for a season, but it still bums me out at times. On one hand, the break from that busy schedule is really good for me. On the other, it makes me feel so useless. I feel like such a shell of my former self lately. I’m happy to be here in Nashville, don’t get me wrong. I just feel… disconnected. Out of the loop. Lame.  I want to do all the things…. I want to be working again &  build up a clientele here in Nashville. I want to attend community events & feel a part of this wonderful vibrant city we love so much. It just has to be put on pause right now. I need to be okay with this and just chill out. *sigh*

I am keeping myself and my brain as busy as I can though. I’ve been reading a lot lately and it’s good for me. I always go through spurts of reading/non reading. For the majority of this year I’ve been a non reader, but now with all this downtime, I am filling more of my days with it. In the last 2 months, I’ve read 2 books about thru-hiking long trails, and 2 memoirs about battling cancer. Before that was another fiction book, but it was one that forced you to think on what’s being said, so it was slow going.  I’m ready to move back into the less-thought-required fiction realm and read something I call “brain candy”.

Speaking of candy, I’ve been dabbling a little with the well known addictive game Candy Crush, and it hasn’t driven me mad, but I’m resigned to the fact that I won’t get to levels 100 and up. Heck, I can’t get past #29. That game is so rigged, and I refuse to pay for extra lives or special powers. It also gives me a hankerin’ for some hard candy. #Random

I finally made an appointment for Mike to get into a dentist. Let’s hope we like this one. I hate shopping for new dentists!

There you have it: a blog post where I don’t just talk about cancer treatment. It’s become a huge part of my life as of late, so I can’t help it. I look forward to days where I talk more about things we’re a part of. OH! Speaking of which, I really really want to be a part of Help Portrait again this year, the Nashville edition. Being a part of the inaugural Crossville event was really enjoyable, especially being a part of the leadership team and in charge of the hair and makeup crew. If I volunteer this year, it’d be something simple like greeting/check-in or the like.  I’m debating on whether I should even do that much though… working with the general public and all the germs while on chemo. Eh. This is where being a cancer patient and being a social-want-to-help-people-person sucks.